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Travel reviews of Hotel and destination activities are the new word of mouth for the digital age. The majority of vacationers review numerous testimonials prior to scheduling a a vacation. Today with The new Holiday and Hotel review service (HHR), a review takes on a brand-new dimension as an  animated videos. Travelers now can  see a sincere account from tourists providing their individual encounters. additionally travelers experience what they are taking about with pictures and also video revealing the benefits and issues talked about.




The tourism service company HolidayHotel.Reviews creates and   computer animated review videos for hotel and tourism destination.




In this presentation, HHR,  collaborating with Barbados Atlantis Submarines, has enhanced a normal TripAdvisor guest review to bring the experience alive with insightful graphics and video. Travel Shoppers find the new visual reviews very helpful and engaging as they listen, read and see what others have to say about the holiday.






The testimonial in this review by Harene demonstrates what she says: The Dive was an enjoyable experience for the entire family. On this dive they were lucky to see “many different sort of fish, (gorgeous colors,) turtles, coral reefs, eels, an octopus  as well as a ship wreck. They went down to 145ft.”






The video brings it all alive!




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