Tips on How to Volunteer After A Major Disaster

Its impossible to accurately forecast the actual landfall strength of a Hurricane. However, this years tropical storms have been ravaging. The Caribbean islands are in ruins and Dominica, know as ‘Natures Island’, is naked. Its forests, mountains and wildernesses with hardly a speck of green. Its landscape now littered and desolate: Now just sterile ground.

Nobody, not even climatologist could be certain of the absolute power and the impact that would follow the hurricane. What is unusual in 2017 is the fact that there are two Category 4 and two Category 5 cyclones in just one month. Three dangerous hurricanes passed through the same area in under a month, as Maria, Irma and Jose have in September 2017

Global warming has been associated with the enormous strength and fury of of tropical cyclones. While is not confirmed that climate change results in more storm develop in the Caribbean now that ever before, the warmer seas clearly has increased the strength and frequency of the storms. The uncomfortable reality is that ocean temperature is now just under that 0.4 ° C rise. The total rise in temperature over the past 35 years is about 0.32 ° C, which is in the danger zone. 

Facts On Hurricane Disasters

Just after a hurricane, there will be flooding, uprooted trees crashing into houses and also blocking access, rooftops blown off and many houses totally demolished. Typically there is no drinking water, no grocery stores, no power and no telecommunications. Airports and shipping may be damaged and the island will be isolated.

“The island of Dominica is abuzz with government aid and civilian volunteers from all over the Caribbean, and from Canada, England, the USA, France, Germany and many European countries. Chain saws cut trees that block road, burly men and women in dungarees push and shove barrels of rubble and bulldozers plow the roads. People are building back their homes with sticks and shovels while the world sends in tools and supplies. There are agriculturalist planting in the bare land and aborists saving what the can of fallen trees. Even make shift saw mills are considered to reuse the wood for building. The Bare and sorry land has a vibrant spirit of resilience in spite of the devastating loss.” Source: irclay, AidDominica.

There are volunteer organisations that are invariably looking for specific talents required for the recovery efforts. Medical practitioners, nurses, doctors and first aid emergency personnel, are always popular. In the event of a hurricane disaster , there is a need for all forms of skills including engineers, agriculturist, construction workers plumbers and workers of all skill set.

Not all agencies are created alike, and you do need to check it out before you join. In addition be sure that your talents are required. Every situation is unique. At times a destination may have volunteers from people with a specific skills and none for crucial help needed right away.

Helping with Your Time and Donations

You will find that most islands have consulates who may have specific initiatives with regional aid groups in your country. It is a good idea to call them for their recommendations.

The major international aid agencies, such as the Red Cross, are easy to contact. They do not however guarantee that your donations will get to the specific island you want, as it is a universal fund and they choose how it will be spent and where. On the other hand it is tax deductible in many countries and in some cases, like in Briton, the government will match your donation.

How to Get the Best From Donating

When you are going to work with an aid agency or a volunteering association, remember that aid is a permanent obligation and make sure your group is going to be around for as long as needed. Keep in mind that The requirements of people recovering from a disaster vary with time. Therefore, you must be informed as to what is going on.

Volunteer Recovery Forums

There are many global disaster recovery, relief, response and help forums with a presence on the Net. But, not many are specific to an existing disaster or a specific region. Search for “Dominica Forum” or any destination forum and several hotel booking websites such as TripAdvisor pop-up displaying promotions of accommodations and reviews of resorts. A Google search for forums on a specific island disaster will display many news sites with few real-time interactive disaster recover messaging sites. The issue is that the damaged destination has suffered a total systems failure and often, they can not even use the Net.

Disaster Recovery Help Needed

Volunteering & Donating to Help Following a Hurricane